• Organic Dog Musical Toy
  • Organic Dog Musical Toy
  • Organic Dog Musical Toy

Organic Dog Musical Toy

The music box can be removed with a safety pin (so that little hands cannot open it themselves) in order to: 

Machine wash it

Use it as a cuddle toy

Replace the music box with one of the other lullabies available

Each musical toy comes pre-assorted with one of four lullabies

Why babies love it: It is soothing and comforting. The beautiful lullaby helps them fall asleep (even the fussiest ones). 

Why parents love it: They love the unique esthetic of this classic toy. It is not battery operated. All features are hand stitched and the organic materials ensure that this toy will be handed down to the next generation. It is a multi purpose toy: when the music function is not needed any longer, the music box can be removed, to turn it into a very soft cuddle toy.

Size: 11.8"

Age: 0-3 Years

Material: 100%-certified organically cultivated cotton. Wadding: lambswool.

Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.

  • $45.95