• The Bells of Advent - An Advent Devotional

The Bells of Advent - An Advent Devotional

Throughout history, the ringing of bells has meant something meaningful is happening. Bells reverberate across wide spaces, calling us to rise, to fight, to feast, to gather, and to pray. Like the jingle of bells that signals a sleigh is drawing near, the season of Advent draws us into a journey as well.

This time of year is not only about the moment when we stand before the manger to re-experience the miracle of Christ’s birth. It is also about all the small moments that adorn and decorate the path along the way. The strength of home, the glory of heaven, the blessing of health, and the beauty of heart entwine together to reveal the majesty of this unique season.

Advent is a season of transformation and a delicate reminder that even the smallest flicker can call us out of darkness and into brilliant light.

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