• Walking In Wonder: An Advent Devotional

Walking In Wonder: An Advent Devotional

During the holiday season, some of the most meaningful experiences are the quiet moments we spend traveling from one activity to the next. We talk with loved ones and we have the opportunity to mindfully exist in one space before we arrive at the next hectic event. Traveling allows us to wonder and marvel at the incredible sights and sounds of the season. The gently falling snow, the melodies of holiday music, the glitter of Christmas decorations, and the glow of lights in the distance all call us to rediscover the joy and peace this celebration was intended to bring. 

Even outside the Advent season, wonder is wrapped and gifted in all different sorts of packaging. The journeys we take the rest of the year create stepping stones toward Christmas and sometimes it is the tough roads that lead us exactly where we need to be. The journeys of life are uniquely designed to reveal amazing and interesting lessons that help us expand and grow. 

All paths have incredible beauty. And during this season of reflection, travel brings us back to the glory of the manger where Jesus waits to remind us that we are fully seen and fully loved. 

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