• Winter White Honey
  • Winter White Honey

Winter White Honey

It's the most wonderful time of the year, with holiday greetings and Winter White eating ...

Winter White is everyone's fave seasonal item. It's delicious, spreadable, festive, and, as the name suggests, only available during the winter months.

We make our Winter White Honey with a Rocky Mountain wildflower variety that crystallizes quickly. After it's bottled we store it in a temperature-controlled "cold room" until it transforms into a beautiful creamy-white color and has the perfect silky smooth texture. It's hand-crafted artisanal honey at its finest!

What’s with the white stuff at the top? Around here, we like to call that the Angel Fluff. It’s like if marshmallows and meringue had a baby. Much like cream rises to the top during dairy processing, this layer of white foamy goodness forms as trapped air bubbles try to escape. Some will argue the Angel Fluff is the most delicious part.

Insider Buzz: The first batch of Winter White was made with honey from the Arctic Circle -- northern Finland to be more exact. That's why we used to say it was from where the reindeer roam and why snowflakes are still part of the label design.
Hap-bee Holidays, everyone!

  • TASTING NOTES: A decadent flavor with soft texture and robust sweetness.
  • PAIRINGS: Ideal spread on warm scones or stir into your morning coffee. Or you may just want to eat it by the spoonful! It can nearly be addictive so get supplied while it lasts.